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Helium Shortage Affects All.


Helium is the second-lightest element in the Universe, has the lowest boiling-point of any gas and is commonly used through the world to inflate party balloons. But helium is also a non-renewable resource and the world's reserves of the precious gas are about to run out, a shortage that is likely to have far-reaching repercussions.


The Industry as a whole are feeling it with helium prices rising and on a regular basis, with this in mind we have tried to keep our prices low and also promote and sell electric pumps as well as helium cylinders.


We must all admit, that we like helium balloons, the kids love them and they are a great addition to a special occasion, and like with everything in life moderation is the key. Therefore why not, have a nice mix? Maybe have a balloon tree with air filled balloons, then helium balloons for decoration? Not only will this be effective but will also be more cost effective.


Many companies have felt the effects of the recession and have found that promoting their company is now essential with consumers becoming more guarded about what they spend their money on and they also have the luxury of being able to spend their money with the lowest priced company, therefore competition is rife.


How can you promote your business without spending too much money? Balloons- they are cost effective, colourful and appeal to a wide market, as they are fun and interactive.

Custom printed balloons, can have your company logo on, as well as promotion information, because they are eye catching they are guaranteed to get you noticed! If you buy in bulk, not only can you create an impression display but for any balloons you do not inflate they are easily stored for future events.

Now, how to inflate all those balloons you have, well there is of course the option of helium, with three cylinder sizes ranging from £81.00 to £162.00, if however you would like to opt for the more environmentally friendly alternative then why not buy one of our Electric Air Inflators for just £72.00 including VAT, which can be used time and time again, we also do a heavy duty version for larger promotions. For those of you doing things on a slightly smaller scale we can also provide light weight hand pumps for £1.80!

Not only do we provide the balloons, the pumps and cylinders but we also provide the accessories in the form of ribbon, cups and sticks and weights as well as much more, so we can help provide a complete package!

If you are reading this now however and you are not from a company you just want a handful of personalised balloons for a one off occasion we can help you too! We have a comprehensive website that allows you to design your own balloon with different fonts and pictures available for you to choose from, with a step by step guide offering plenty of options and advice, you can also get a free, no obligation quote and we offer a price match guarantee.

We also have a number of new lines coming including personalised balloon in a box!! We currently do standard balloons in a box from just £11.00, a wonderful surprise for a loved one. With such a wide range of balloons and colours there is so much to choose from,printed latex and foil balloons, personalised or plain and we even do punch balls, which are a favourite with the kids!

If you want further information please phone us on 01455 284422 and have a chat, we are always more than happy to help, alternatively email us at-


We look forward to hearing from you.

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