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Balloon Races

Balloon Races are a spectacular way of fundraising. 

We at Balloons Galore can supply the balloons, plain or printed balloons and also all the necessary accessories. The race tickets can be purchased to fill in manually or custom printed. They are numbered and the top half is sold which can recoup all the monies that have been spent on the balloons and accessories with some over.

The bottom portion of the ticket is filled in with the purchasers name and address and then handed to the seller. The top end of the card has a hole in it and it is threaded onto the balloon. The balloons are then filled with helium gas and placed inside a net which can be hired for 1 week to hold them until the release. When the desired amount have been filled with the helium gas which is delivered to and collected from the event and is on rental for 1 month then net is released and the balloons float into the air with a magnificient visual effect. Eventually when high enough they will float away individually.

When they eventually shatter and fall to the ground, the card can be found by passers by who fill in their details. Sometimes the balloons can float hundreds of miles away. The ticket is then posted to the address on the reverse side of the ticket and the finder will receive a prize and the matching numbered end and original purchaser will receive a prize.

If the fundraiser is very lucky, they will work hard to obtain some brilliant prizes. Most local businesses like to donate a prize because they will get some publicity from it themselves the organiser can have a logo put on the balloons to make them promotional balloons.

Balloons can be let off individually into the sky for late buyers but the best effects are obtained by a multi launch. Sometimes no tickets are used but instead a little advertisement card, a message sent out to the world.

Please enquire about a Balloon Release and Balloon printing and we will give you more details and a quotation. BALLOONS GALORE 01455 284422