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Balloon Weights, Race tickets

Balloons Galore Accessories : Balloon Weights, Race tickets Pumps

We at Balloons Galore provide all the accessories required to make your use of promotional balloons latex or foils, easier and more pleasurable.

Balloon Weights are used for the tables or the floor. They come in various forms, the most common being the foil weight. It comes in various colours and looks festive and bright and colourful. Three or four latex can be tied to the weight or 3 or 4 foils. They make brilliant table pieces. So many venues now use them at large and special events. Weddings, parties, store openings and a multitude of occasions. The decorators use them all the time and create wonderful table displays Printed balloons or plain can be used for decorating.

Little boxes are also used as well as little bags. Many other ideas are still coming out all the time. We can supply or source these for you.

Race Tickets are used for balloon races .. please see the separate section on balloon races. They are an accessory that can come just pre numbered or printed with the name of your event or venue. They are also punched with a hole ready to thread the latex balloon onto. They can be sold for so recouping the money outlay and helping towards prize money. Customers usually decide to have a balloon race to mark a special event or raise money.

PumpsWe sell various methods of inflating the balloons. Hand pumps come in two sizes small at very little cost or a large hard heavy duty one. This is far better to use if you have more than 100 balloons to inflate. Electric inflators can be used to inflate the balloons, they are really fast and efficient and can be purchased or hired for a week or more. If the customer has plans to use balloons regularly, an investment in a heavy duty or electric air inflator should be the course to take. Airfilled balloons can be put on cups and sticks and handed out or indeed pinned around. Large latex punch balls can also easily filled with an electric airpump and sold to children at events.. they love them

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