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Foil Balloons

These come in 18” rounds, star shapes, heart shapes and even squares. Custom Printed balloons can also be made to order. Foils can be printed in up to 10 colours on both sides with a lead time of 2 – 3 weeks, although express print jobs can be achieved. They come manufactured with their own self-sealing valves and will float for weeks when filled with helium. They can be filled periodically to maintain inflation. They come in more than 12 brilliant colours. We can prepare you a visual with your logo or artwork on so you can see the effect they will create before you order. They can be used with ribbon, weighted and even put on a large cup and stick which is the latest invention.

Our customers use these as they have a longer life span than the latex and of course are bigger and really beautiful as a promotional item. Lots of supermarkets now use them regularly and our decorators are booked to make them into cascades, clusters and arches.

We can also offer you a facility to print from a roll for quantities of 10,000 or more, this is much cheaper and just takes a longer leadtime.

Foil balloons are more like greeting cards or flowers and are given for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas as well as used as a promotional aid in shops in protests and at Weddings. Our decorators use plain and printed promotional balloons in foil to decorate at weddings, special functions, grand openings and for publicity events.

They also come in a pre printed form with Disney shapes and pictures, with licenced generic pictures on and shaped like numbers or letters of the alphabet. They come in jumbo sizes and shapes and special merchandising stands are available to display them. They cannot be let off into the sky because of the metal content in them but who would want to let such a lovely thing go anyway.
We stock a vast amount of 18” plain foils which can be despatched for an overnight delivery. We can offer all the necessary accessories such as ribbon, foil table weights and helium gas.

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