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Helium Gas

We at Balloons Galore can supply the Helium gas to inflate the printed balloons or plain latex or foil balloons. This gas comes in canisters which vary in size and hold different amounts of the helium as per the filling quantity requirements. These cylinders when ordered are delivered via our Supplier BOC Gases who act on our instructions to deliver and collect from a specified address. They also deliver a filling kit which can be just for foils or latex or in most cases a universal one. The canisters are on hire for 1 month so there is plenty of time to use all the gas up at several events.

The latex balloons when filled with helium will stay afloat for 8 – 9 hours and the foil balloons will stay afloat for 1 week.

Helium gas is a compressed gas in high concentrations. It should never be inhaled as can produce unconsciousness and asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen. However, it is a non flammable and a non toxic substance.

We offer for sale 3 different sizes of canisters.

The V Size will fill approx 200 x 10” latex, 125 x 12” latex and 125 x 18” foil. Weight 16kg
The T Size will fill approx 400 x 10” latex, 250 x 12” latex and 250 x 18” foil. Weight 30kg
The L Size will fill approx 1000 x 10” latex, 625 x 12” latex and 620 x 18” foil. Weight 77kg

We also stock disposable cylinders which are becoming very popular and are very cost effective filling promotional balloons 25 x 12” latex up to 40 x 10” latex and 25 x 18” foils.

Gas is a vital accessory for a balloon promotion or event. The gas makes them float and look very eye-catching. They move around and the logo or message printed upon them can be seen from all angles.

You will see foil balloons now in Major High street stores where they use them for promoting a specific area or a sale event. We have been informed by many of our clients that their sales have increased because of balloons and they have now added them into their advertising budgets. If you require any information regarding the use of helium or costs, please give us a call at Balloons Galore and we will be only too pleased to advise you on helium filling and Balloon Printing . 01455 284422