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Latex Balloons

Balloons Galore specialise in promotional balloons

Latex balloons are ECO friendly, made of natural Rubber Latex and are completely Biodegradeable. The Natural Cultivation provides jobs in some of the poorest regions of the world and helps towards the Prevention of Tropical Rainforest Deforestation..

They were invented in 1709 in Brazil and the rubber balloon invented in 1824 by Micheal Faraday to help him with his experiments. Shortly after the first ones were sold in parks and at circuses for 1 penny.

They come in an array of beautiful colours in sizes 10” or 12” standard and a metallic finish which has a lovely sheen. They are very strong and able to take helium gas or air filling. Balloons Galore always keep a vast range of stock in their warehouse and can even store your printed balloons for you free of charge if you order and cannot store yourselves. Latex balloons can be used for decorating, for promoting a special event, a shop opening a party or wedding, to enhance a sales area within a store to hand out or just pin around. They can be used as a balloon launch or balloon race or a balloon drop from a net. We offer superior quality screen printing and the logos can be printed in up to four separate colours on 1 or two sides or even 5 colours printed all over.

Screen balloon printing produces a bright sharp image with great ink coverage. We can print very intricate corporate logos or simple one liners. Our Graphics department can prepare an artwork visual for you to take a look at before you decide to go into print, from these you will see that the final effect will be very eye catching as a promotional tool. Corporate ink pantones can be chosen and the colours of balloons can even be matched if possible to corporate shades or co-ordinating colours.

The balloon itself has an immense visual impact wherever it is used and Children and adults love them!

Balloons stay afloat and looking good for 8 hours when filled with helium and for 1 week when air filled. Printed Balloons or plain, stored in a cool and dark environment will keep for years. Once balloons are used as a promotional tool, our customers repeat their orders time and time again and tell us that their sale increases or successful sales events are proof that this form of advertising really does work..