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Balloon Inflation

We have plenty of accessories to help you inflate and get the most out of your balloons, including balloon cups and sticks, helium and air pumps for easy inflation. 

Balloon Inflation

Our balloon cups & sticks come in various colours, allowing you plenty of options when displaying your balloons once they’re inflated. Each of our balloon cups and sticks are made from biodegradable materials, making them eco-friendly. Plus our other helpful accessories such as Heli Valves (which save you the hassle of tying and attaching ribbon) for latex balloons make the job of decorating a whole lot easier too.


Helium Canisters

Not all of our balloons come ready inflated-ideal for those who want to order well in advance of the event. Be prepared and order a large disposable helium gas cylinder. Helium balloons are an ideal choice for any occasion; personalised foil balloons, in particular, can float for several days, making them great for gifts and decoration!

We stock helium gas for all your balloons, but don't forget, if they are latex don't fill with helium until just before your event.

Our large helium gas canister fills approximately 40 10” latex balloons or 25 x 12" latex/18” foil balloons.