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Jumbo Foil Letters & Numbers

Personalise your party venue with jumbo foil number balloons and letters from Balloons Galore. Spell out whatever name, word, number, or even sentence that you like; a sure way to make any party venue truly yours for the evening.

Jumbo Foil Letters & Numbers

Available in sizes up to a whopping 40", these balloons can't really be missed. Regardless of where you position them they'll make a great visual impact. Choose from either silver, gold, metallic blue or metallic pink lettering options, with a wider variety of colours available for the foil numbers. All balloons are made using high quality foil, so they're capable of holding helium for days, or even weeks. Whatever your word of the day, spell it out with Balloons Galore.

Balloon Letters

A special message, name or event, spell it out in style with our range of foil letter balloons. From A through to Z and in sizes 30” to 40” giant letters, these are perfect for that extra special bold touch for your celebration. Ideal for weddings, get your initials in plain site of your guests; and with a huge range of colours available including, golds, silvers and any other you can think of to match your event. Order online flat or let us do the job for you and send you your letter balloon already up and running!