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Latex vs Foil Balloons the Differences and Pros and Cons

    Gone are the days of just using balloons for birthday parties, balloons are now revolutionising the way brands celebrate milestones and promote their services. A question that gets asked regularly, however, is which type of balloon should you use? Latex or foil? There are benefits to both, let’s take a look, shall we? […]


From Your Valentine – What’s the story?

From Your Valentine – The story behind Valentine’s Day What’s the story? Where did the name come from? Legend has it that the day gets its name from a Saint.  The most popular belief is that St Valentine was a priest from Rome in 3rd Century AD.  It is believed that the ruler at that […]


New Marblez Orbz

New Marblez Orbz You may have seen our recent Facebook posts relating to the all new Marblez Orbz that we now have in stock! If you haven’t then you have to go and check them out! This fun, totally out of this world balloon is the shape of the moon and the size of a beach […]

Fun Christmas Games using BALLOONS!

  Fun Christmas Games using BALLOONS! We have come up with a few Christmas games for you to try with your family.  As we get closer and closer to the end of the school term, we look forward to spending time with the family over the festive period, however when it comes down the keeping […]

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping or indeed for any special occasion can be super stressful, so how do we do it?  Even in this digital age, research shows that the majority of the populations Christmas spending is still in-store Christmas shopping. The reason I think that people choose to purchase that way still is because it offers immediate gratification. People also […]

Black Friday Alert

            Black Friday Deals The exciting event is on 29th November this year with Cyber Monday following straight after on 2nd December, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. This year Black Friday is set to be another huge consumer event. Using balloons to advertise can be a very effective (and […]

Congratulations to PPHE Group of Hotels

Wow! what an achievement for PPHE Group of Hotels. Park Plaza Hotels UK is delighted to have been awarded AA Large Hotel Group of the Year 2019-20. Recognised as a leading contemporary hospitality brand in the UK market in prime locations including London, Leeds, Cardiff and Nottingham, AA has recognised the investment they have put […]

Baby Shower to Baby Sprinkle…

The ever growing popularity of baby showers has developed a ‘new’ cause for celebration. While ‘Baby Showers’ were created to effectively ‘shower’ the new parents with gifts, love and priceless wisdom. A ‘Baby Sprinkle’ has been dreamed up to still celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby but for second(or third etc) time parents. […]

Baby ‘Bubble’!

Balloons Galore were tasked with creating some bespoke ‘bubble balloons’ for ‘Natural Baby Shower’. Their request was for the confetti filling to closely match their brand colours if possible, so Jessica carefully selected the correct colour from our library of confetti and boy did she deliver, the finished product was so pretty, subtle yet eye […]

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