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Balloon Games!  " data-mtst-selector=".blog-post-s3-link" data-mtst-label="Post S3 - Link" data-mtst-no-support="background,border">The Great British Summer is upon us and with it comes church fetes, garden parties and barbecues to name a few! Balloon games inject fun into any occasion so read on to make your summer parties the best!

Balloon tennis

Using paper plates and wooden lolly sticks, create tennis rackets. Blow up some balloons with air and you are good to go! Hit the balloon back and forth keeping it off the floor for as long as possible!  

Protect your balloon

Great game for groups of 5 or more. Give each child (or adult!) a balloon and a length of string, approximately a metre long. Have them blow up their balloon, tie it to the string and tie it around their ankle. The aim is to protect their balloon while trying to burst everyone else’s by stamping on them! The person with the last inflated balloon wins!  

Water balloon fight

A classic! Fill latex balloons with tap water, tie in a knot and prepare to battle. Create boundaries, safe zones and refill stations and let the fun commence!  

Balloon Grab

Blow up lots and lots of balloons, and scatter them all over the floor. Give the guests 2 minutes to gather up and hold on to as many balloons as they can. The winner is the person holding the most balloons when the timer stops.   Follow the link below to our range of stock balloons:  

LGBT+ Pride Month 2018

Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT+ community celebrates in a number of different ways. Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognising the influence LGBT+ people have had around the world. Across the UK throughout June and the rest of summer there are 151 […]


School Leavers Balloons!

Summer is just around the corner and for many that means breaking up from school for 6 weeks of summer! Before we get to that though, there will be a few big events for teachers and students alike! There is a lot to celebrate at this time of year, and a lot of people to […]


Champions League Balloons

Whilst some of us are focused on tomorrows Royal Wedding, others are looking forwards to next weekend. Not only is it a bank holiday weekend, but it is also the UEFA Champions League final. The 3 day weekend is set to be a scorcher, so whether you are hosting a party or watching at your […]

HM Star

Royal Wedding Balloons!

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching but it’s not too late to order decorations for the big event! Whether it’s a street party, fundraiser, or party at home; we have something for every event.   Keep it simple Our packs of red, white and blue balloons can be dispatched the same day if you place […]


Corporate Giants!

Sometimes bigger is better, and with our range of giant balloons this is definitely the case! Our 2ft and 3ft latex balloons can be printed 1 colour to 1 – 4 sides, they really make an impact on their own or when put in a bunch. They are ideal for shop openings, pin pointing your […]


Christening Balloons

Balloons are a versatile product when it comes to Christenings…you can either use them to decorate the church, add some colour to the function room, attach to your gift card for the new parents or to entertain children. See below some of our favourite ideas:   Show off your babies face! Maybe you had a […]


New to Balloons Galore… Colour Co-ordinated Garlands

We now offer Personalised Colour Co-ordinated Garlands to match your corporate colours. These are tailored to match your company’s branding to enhance the aesthetics of your corporate display. These Garlands are great to go with Large Latex Balloons (2ft or 3ft) or our Custom Bubble Balloons. We have a wide range of colours in stock […]


New to Balloons Galore… Orb Shaped Personalised Balloons

Why not purchase one of our Orb Shaped Balloons in a Box. These can be personalised with Text / Clip art pictures for any occasion/Gift using our online designer or by Contacting our Corporate Office.   We offer 5 different Balloon colours – Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Hot Pink and Black. Our designer offers a […]


Celebrate May Day 2018

What is May Day? May Day has roots in pagan Anglo-Saxon customs and the pagan festival Beltane, which marks the beginning of summer. Typically, on May Day villages and towns across the UK now mark the beginning of springtime fertility. This would usually be celebrated with large gatherings of communities, villages holding fetes and other […]