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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your balloons delivered inflated?


Yes, we offer the majority of our foil balloons delivered inflated, however, due to lifespan latex balloons need to be delivered flat but we can send them with a helium supply so you can inflate them yourself.

How long will the balloons stay inflated?

Foil and bubble balloons will stay inflated for approximately 1 week with helium. Latex balloons filled with helium will stay afloat for 10-12 hours. Please take these inflation times into account when choosing your delivery option. 

Can balloons float without helium?


No, they can't, however, you can purchase cups and sticks to use with air-filled balloons to prop them up.

Are all your balloons suitable for helium inflation? 

Unless otherwise stated our balloons are suitable for both helium and air fill. We do stock a number of letter balloons that are suitable for air only, however, this is stated in the description. 

Can I purchase helium from you? 

Yes, you can purchase disposable cylinders or rent larger helium cylinders from us. We also stock hand pumps for if you are looking to air fill your balloons. 

Do your balloons come delivered with weights?


No, however, we do stock balloon weights in a range of shapes and styles that can be purchased with your balloons in our accessories section. 

My balloon order has deflated in transit what do I do?

We're very sorry that you've experienced an issue with your order. In the rare event that an order from Balloons Galore has become damaged or deflated in transit then please contact the office on [email protected], or give us a call on 01455 284422 and our team will resolve the issue ASAP. 

How can I keep my balloon inflated for longer?

 There are a number of steps you can take to help your balloons last longer: 

  • Keep at room temperature - try and avoid sudden and frequent temperature changes; helium molecules expand when exposed to heat and shrink when cool. Foil balloons, in particular, will look to deflate dramatically when exposed to the cold however when placed back in room environment will return to their original state.  
  • Avoid sunlight 
  • If you own pets try to keep the balloons in a separate room to help avoid puncture

Are your balloons eco-friendly?

Our latex balloons are biodegradable, they are made from latex rubber which is a natural product. All our balloons are printed here in Leicestershire so our carbon footprint is reduced as we are not shipping the balloons from other countries. 

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes, we do, a number of offers are automatically applied upon checkout, however, feel free to contact our team on [email protected], or 01455 284422 for details on specific discounts. 

Are your balloons suitable for balloon releases?

Our selection of Latex balloons are, as they are biodegradable.

Will balloons deflate overnight?

Foil and bubble balloons will stay inflated for approx. 1 week with helium. Latex balloons filled with helium will stay afloat for 10-12 hours so if you follow the care recommendations above and take into account delivery times they should easily make it through the night.

Where can I find out about delivery charges and times? 

You can find details on all of our delivery options here including information on international shipping.